About Us

My story is a long one. I was born in Massachusetts in 1979. Back then, my parents were methodical and very organized. They encouraged me to keep a diary so that I could record everything I did during the day.

I started keeping my first diary when I was five years old. In the diary, I recorded the many things that happened to me during my childhood. I also kept my deepest thoughts, worries, and desires in this diary. I continued updating my diary until I became an adult. However, that is when the internet started to infiltrate my life.

I joined other people on online forums. My diary-keeping efforts fell behind, and I became disorganized. Now, as a parent of three children, there’s a lot that I can teach my children. While I don’t want them to go back to physical diaries, I still want them to be organized. That is why I’ve been encouraging them to keep an online diary.

Keeping an online diary is a noble idea. It enables you to interact with current technology by using traditional methods. It also serves as a historical record of your life. You can use it to see what desires were fulfilled and what dreams died. Eventually, you will learn how to make better decisions and increase the richness of your life.

I have seen how online diaries helped my children to express themselves and keep track of their life. That is why I want you to have the same attributes in life. Not only can you introduce this in your life, but you can get something for your children. You don’t have to write your diary in the traditional format. Instead, you can write it as a blog where you write an article about what you did in a particular week. That way, people can know and follow your life’s events.