Preparing A BBQ Party After A Busy Week

If there is a profession that you cannot dictate your working hours then it is journalism. The only thing then you need to do to spend more time with family is to identify a hobby that can bring everyone together. Preparing grilled dishes is one such hobby that compensates for the time a journalist spends in the field trying to bring news to our media houses. 

Journalists who love grilling barbeque only need to invest in a pair of barbeque gloves. A barbecue glove is a protective gear from the extensive heat that comes with grilling. It saves the journalist her makes up as well as give you ample time to turn the meat to your desire without the fear of the strong heat. There are many of them available in the market.

The use of barbeque gloves for safety allows the journalist to safeguard the fingers and the hand. You still need to hold the microphone to report the news that is of public interest. What are the features that a journalist need when purchasing a barbecue glove?

Heat resistance

This is one of the main functions of the protective gear. It gives you all the ample time hold the hot grills without really having to fear the direct heat on the hands. The material n most cases are made of wool which is a poor conductor of electricity. The best temperature level is about 425 degrees centigrade.


Barbecuing is renowned for the steam which when exposed to a low temperature it turns to water through condensation. You need a glove that is water-resistant meaning that is has a layer within it that is waterproof. 


The glove may not be safe when it can tear easily as a result of the high temperatures that it is in contact with. The type of fabric determines this feature. It is advisable to avoid the silicone gloves which are prone to tear and rips.

Soft inner lining

Remember the overall goal of the glove is to maintain the smoothness of the fingers and the hand; it also to enhance comfort. A journalist must invest in a glove with a soft lining to take care of the nails and the hands making him as comfortable as possible when preparing the dishes for the family.

Wide and long enough to cover the hands

Gloves come in many sizes which determine the surface area in which it covers. Others are naturally short despite the size. This will limit you on the extent to which you can stretch the hand to turn the meat or hold the grills.

Oil resistant

The mention of oil in grilling means that you need to have a glove that is not slippery when in contact with the oils from the meat. This is hazardous for it can cause accidents. Journalists have no reason for not spending time with family despite the busy schedules. It is a matter of choosing the best common task that will bring people together. Who does not love barbecue meals if not when other a doctors instruction?

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