Bullets on a Wednesday

* License Plate Renewals. So, not sure what its like in other states but Missouri doesnt make it easy. Not only do we need to have the State Inspection completed, we also need to have our emissions tested (which Im online with for cars that are older and not up to par), two years of personal property tax receipts (yeah, we pay taxes on our freakin car), insurance proof and then the State of MO paperwork they send you. The silver lining to the stupid stormcloud that is license plate renewal, which fortunately only comes around every two years is that they ran out of June license plates so they gave me July plates. Woohoo for an extra month of license plate validity! (Its all in the small things!)

* 365 days. Irish and I made it to the one-year mark. In celebration we each took the day off. Despite the fact that we spent some time running personal errands (like licenese plate renewal, purchasing a new refrigerator and dropping off clothes at Goodwill) we had a leisurely brunch at our favorite breakfast place, watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie, not TV show), read, took a nap, and indulged in some delicious Mexican food, ice cream sundaes and saw The Proposal. Irish surprsied me with a a sweet card that brought me to tears and some really great earrings and the very same kind of flowers he brought to me on our first date. All in all, a very good day.

* Moving on up. So next week is the big move back into the parents house. I still have a lot of boxes to pack and I know it will be a pain but its definitely going to be easier for me. Currently I have stuff strewn about in three different places, I dont have a sense of home, and Im kind of tired of living out of suitcases. While Ill still fauxhabitate with Irish being at my parents will allow me to feel grounded in one spot, get my nest egg, into good shape and oddly enough, allow me to relax at the same time. Im a little nervous about giving up MY space and MY freedom but I think it will all work out.

* The Studies. After the move and after next weeks midterm, Ill be making an appointment with my advisor to discuss my options. At this point Ill either forge on and finish my MBA (I only have four classes to go) or switch tracks and get started on an MA in International Affairs. This is of course pending the financial aspect of it all which has yet to be determined. I feel good about my decisions and my changes so far; everyone (including my fabulous blogger friends, thank you all very much) have been incredibly supportive and positive. Im excited to see whats next!

* New Orleans. Two weeks from Friday Ill be on my way south for a week, mainly for work but additional I plan to check out the Ghost Tour, the Book Tour, historical sites, cafes, bookstores, delicious food and Ill probably wander around Bourbon Street again just for the experience. Theres a good chance EP and her boy will meet up with me and Irish for a day or so which means I dont have to wait another year for a blogger meet-up!

So Ive shared what I think you guys want to hear about but is there something Im missing? Any questions you want to ask? Anything is fair game, so ask away. Leave a comment and Ill post the answers!

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