Day: April 26, 2017

The power of coffee for a journalist


Coffee is a stimulant with numerous health and mental benefits. It acts as an oxidizing agent to shield the body cells from damage and adverse effects of toxins. Journalists have a tough schedule and in some extreme cases, they have to stand for longer periods without breaks to ensure our media platforms get news on time. They are humans, and without proper body fitness, a journalist is prone to fainting due to fatigue. Italian manufacturer Gaggia comes in handy to make coffee anytime and give them extra energy to accommodate the nature of their jobs. Coffee is ideal for a journalist either before they start their day; during the course of their work and at the end of the day.

The science behind coffee on a journalist

A cup of cappuccinos recipe before you start your day as a media personality gives you the required energy to face the day with little fatigue. This is because of the low-calorie content in the coffee bean. The low-calorie content builds muscle mass, which reduces unnecessary body fat responsible for weight gain. When a journalist has the right body weight, the Body Mass Index is also at required levels meaning he is fit to handle intense physical activity associated with the media. The more the muscle mass, the higher the muscular strength.

 When a journalist takes coffee in the course of the day, you are sure he postpones hunger such that you will never feel hungry because one is busy. You have so much on your desk and you have limited time for the story to be on the air. Your brain is facing fatigue; coffee stimulates the brain cells to provide happiness hormones, which acts directly on the nervous system to give you positive energy to endure so that you can continue with the day’s activities with accuracy and facts.

 Oops! You have finished your day and you can’t believe you are the one who has managed to handle all the tasks you had on your table. All you need is just to rest and relax as you unwind. Coffee comes in handy to reduce anxiety and allow the body cells to relax. The “me time” is best done using coffee because, as the drink work on the body cells, you have an opportunity to search yourself, define your career goals and imagine practical strategies to make you achieve your life goals and objectives.

 A media company with journalists running up and down to ensure the radio, televisions, print media and social media are running smoothly; must invest in an automatic coffee machine to ensure there is a constant supply of coffee. As the management, you will see a decrease in simple mistakes caused by fatigue because coffee puts the brain cells active as well as allow journalists to be alert. In addition, it enhances their concentration span; a good body fitness in the industry.

 Never underestimate the power of coffee on the health of a journalist- the foundation of improved personality development and career growth. As long as journalists are healthy, the media company is assured of increased productivity and improved business growth through sales.