Don’ts and Dos

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but it has been one heck of a long week for me. This is one of those fun and silly posts that popped into my head and wrote itself so here we go…

I don’t

* listen to podcasts. I don’t think I’ve ever even downloaded one. This makes me feel really behind the times.

* have any songs on my iPhone. I’m pretty certain I’m an iPhone under user.

* Own a DSLR camera; I use my Canon point & shoot with 12 megapixels and my iPhone for the majority of my photos. (And let’s be honest, more photos are taken with my iPhone than anything else.)

* Have any jeans that are a color other than my black ones.

* watch TV shows live anymore; almost all of the ones I enjoy are either on my DVR or I catch up via Netflix.

* dislike Angelina Jolie anymore. After reading her Op-Ed and hearing how awesome she is as a mother and a person,ย I’ve decided I’d love to have tea with her.

* Sleep in anymore. It’s dreadful, really, as I’m someone who loves her sleep but for some reason I can’t sleep past 8am on a Saturday. I take it as a sign that I’m a grown-up.

* use the feedly that I signed up for. It makes my blog reading really scattered and disorganized. It annoys me.

I do…

* listen to CDs and carry cases of CDs in my car. I have mixes I made, favorites from high school and college and then of course CDs of my faves (DMB, Harry Connick, John Mayer, Jack Johnson) like any dutiful fan.

* love going to the Farmer’s Market to people watch, get some of the best fresh sourdough bread of my life and enjoy the hustle and bustle of it.

* own a few pairs of fun color pants for work (magenta! cerulean blue!)

* understand the importance of a comfortable pair of underwear. You know what I’m talking about the no line, no slip, super comfortable, hardly know they are there kind. I suppose that’s another sign I’m growing old. Also, this does not mean I wear granny panties.

* love the idea of being good at taking pictures. Then I realize I can leave that to the professionals and those who have studied the art of taking a picture.

* miss old school blogger meet-ups. See also: this blog from livitluvit. She sums up perfectly how I feel about the blogging community all these years later.

What are some of your dos & don’ts these days?

18 thoughts on “Don’ts and Dos

  1. Fun post! This week has felt LOOONNNGGG to me as well. I am so glad today is Friday! Here are a couple do’s and don’ts from me!

    I do:
    – wear lots of colored pants, my favorite are the the mint green ones I bought this summer
    – use feedly but much prefer readers and am still bummed they took that away.
    – take my lunch to work every day, and am in the major minority at work for doing that.

    I don’t:
    – like Charlotte all that much more than I did when I arrived her (so not much at all) but am trying to think of this experience as a long study abroad experience.
    – think I will ever run another marathon but am hopeful that I can do a half.
    – like flip flops. I know I am in the minority on this. I prefer flats!

  2. Haha I also have never listened to a podcast…. they sound good in theory but I wouldn’t even know how to go about downloading one haha. I should probably read about Angelina Jolie but I honestly just love to hate her… like she really just annoys me. I’m sure she is a good mother and a person but it’s just so look at me and everything great I do that she annoys me. Also I’m a Jennifer Aniston fan, is it possible to like both, I don’t know. Celebrity drama, such a guilty pleasure.

  3. I about peed in my (granny) panties when I read your comments about underwear. I was just thinking the exact same thing this morning, though my thoughts also included “how on earth did I ever wear thongs on a regular basis?!” hahaha. Also, I nodded YES to 5 of 8 Don’ts and 4.5 of 6 Do’s. The 0.5 comes in with bloggers … I don’t miss the meet-ups so much as I miss old school blogging, where bloggers blogged and weren’t distracted by Twitter, IG, Facebook and other social media platforms. Yes, that definitely makes me old!

  4. I hate Feedly. I still dislike Angie but not as much as Anne Hathaway. Recently I am obsessed with my new yoga bag because it is SO PRETTY, green smoothies with berries, and feeling strong again (yay exercise)!

    Thanks so much for the shout out, I’m glad this resonated the way I intended it to. <3 you, lady!


    I’ve yet to download podcasts, my iPhone is music free (I use Pandora all the time), as much as I love sleep it’s so hard to sleep in nowadays (also I think prefer naps anyhow) & my car is covered in CDs. So many CDs it’s almost embarrassing. I mean I’m still listening to mixes I made in 2007, ha. As for my others –

    I don’t :
    know when I’m going on my next trip and it makes me sad.
    know how to use the BBQ.
    like James Franco, he seriously irks me.

    I do:
    wear sandals often.
    debate what to wear on a daily basis.
    enjoy reading really good books.
    add Sweet Onion dressing to almost anything I can think of, IT’S JUST SO GOOD.

  6. Love this post, Nora. So much to learn and find out that we have in common…. I admit, I have downloaded podcasts, but I definitely am not “with the times” when it comes to listening to them. I honestly don’t even find the time to listen to music much (other than in the car), let alone podcasts.

    I have a DSLR (which I love), but I am taking WAY more pictures with my iphone as well, because it takes great pictures and it’s so easy and convenient to share them instantly!

    I am a big advocate of comfortable underwear (and they don’t have to be granny panties ;)).

  7. What a fun idea! I love it when I feel like I’m getting to know people, even when I’ve “known” them in the blog world for such a long time. Let’s see: I don’t feel at home in my home right now, which is frustrating. The joys of renting ๐Ÿ™‚ I do fall into Netflix sprees on a regular basis. Currently hooked on old school Law & Order.

  8. This is such a fun post idea! This past week was long for me, too, and I’m hoping next week isn’t as crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I use Feedly and I’ve gotten used to it (I’ve used it ever since Reader announced they were shutting down) but it’s definitely not the same as Reader. Plus, the formatting is all wonky on it AND a couple times I’ve noticed it’s stopped updating for some blogs. Sigh. Hopefully it gets better, because it’s the only rss feed I like!

    I also don’t own a DSLR (I can’t even fathom spending the money on one!) and have never listened to a podcast.

    Oh, and sleeping in? Riiiiight… especially when I have an 11-lb dachshund sitting on my back to let me know IT IS TIME TO GET UP. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I don’t listen to podcasts either, even though there are a few out there that I’d probably enjoy. It’s just one more thing to try and find time for!

  10. Love this post! You make me want to get back to blogging!

    I also don’t listen to podcasts or have songs on my iPhone. I’d love to do both, but I don’t know when I’d have time to listen to podcasts and downloading songs in the phone requires time and money. So I just listen to pandora when I go for runs.

  11. I can’t wait to read the Angelina Jolie Op-Ed. That should be good. I miss old school blogger meet ups too! Ugh, those were the days. Also, I’ve never been one for podcasts either. They’re so long! I feel like I should be more involved in them, but yeah, no.

  12. Love this post!

    I don’t listen to podcasts either but I have a longer commute at odd times come fall and I think that might be something good for those drives.

    I also don’t watch live TV with the exception of sports. Even when we watch something the same night, we usually wait for it to be half over and watch it on the DVR. So much nicer to fast forward through commercials.

    Oddly enough, I like Feedly. I think I’m the only person who does. But I was never a Google Reader fan.

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