Wine and Love v50

Holy cow, 50 weeks of Wine and Love. Kind of a long time but you know what? This little meme helps with weekly perspective, at least for me, so I’m going to keep it up. Join if you like, on your blog or in the comments! Always welcoming new participants and guests.

Weekly W(h)ines:

* I threw my lower back out on Monday night. Like, to the point I was in tears and lying flat on the floor. Thank goodness for chiropractors. And ice packs.  And a fiancé who helped me as much as he could. Two days later and I’m feeling like my old self again.

* Mosquitos and flies. With the warm weather, comes the bugs.

* I just went grocery shopping last week and I already need to do it again. I. Loathe. Grocery. Shopping.

* Dealing with incompetent people. Also people who mess with those I love. Uncool, world, uncool.

Weekly Loves:

* We are kidlet free and plan free this weekend. I’m kind of excited about it.
* Homemade blueberry  muffins. The kidlets and Knight headed to church last weekend. I went for a run and then decided to surprise them with baked goods when they returned.
* Speaking of running: I’ve started adding two to three miles to my workouts, a few times a week. So far, so good. My knees aren’t hating me (yet) and it feels so good to be out on the road again. I will be slow and steady in terms of mileage so as to not piss off my body too much.
* It’s been kind of a long-ish week for me, so thrilled that tomorrow is Friday. Add to that that Knight is bringing Chipotle home for dinner and it’s sure to be a good start to the weekend.
* The Voice. I know I’ve said it before but we are hooked. How/why I didn’t watch it last season, I have no idea but man, it’s a good show.
It’s been kind of a slower week around these parts, so that’s all I have today. I suppose there is nothing wrong with short and sweet, though, is there? 
Tell me, what’s on your wine/love list this week?


26 thoughts on “Wine and Love v50

  1. Mmm, I have been craving Chipotle something fierce lately!

    This week I am loving that my first week of 20K training is going well.

    I’m not happy about all the rain that is forcing me to train inside. I don’t like running indoors near as much as outdoors!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I absolutely loathe grocery shopping, and cannot bring myself to go more than once a week. I know I could just send D, but he wouldn’t get the right things/comparison shop/etc. Yes, I’m a control freak. So every week, back to the store. Also? Chipotle sounds amazing! I might just have to grab that for lunch!

  3. I love The Voice so much. It’s one of my favorite shows on TV. I like it SO much better than American Idol!

    Wine: Detoxing is hard! I’m not having any cravings, thankfully, but my body is having a hard time adjusting to being (mostly) sugar-free.

    And meetings, especially the one I’m trying to prepare for this afternoon. They are long and boring. Not fun!

    Love: My weekend is pretty plan-free as well. I have a hair appointment and my brother is coming over Saturday night but other than that? Looking forward to catching up on sleep & relaxing!

  4. Thats great that you are running again! Doesn’t it feel good!? I mean, as much as sometimes I dislike it, I love it! Oh and also, I want you as my bonus mom. Blueberry muffins! YUM! I bet they made the house smell delicious.

    I don’t have a lot of wine this week, except for gas prices, which are well over 4 dollars. But I only drive about 1-4 x per month, so that is not a huge deal to me really. I am loving that I am heading to Missouri today to see my best friend! I can’t wait to give her the biggest hug ever.

  5. Oh my gosh, so glad your back is better!!!

    Wines this week: Waking up late two days in a row. Not the best way to start a day, plus then it makes me angry that I can’t just roll over and pretend it didn’t happen. Ha!

    Loves this week: Starting my new Stratejoy course and writing. Holy awesome.

  6. I love The Voice! I hope that you and Knight enjoy your kid/plan free weekend!!

    Bugs are a lot worse this year because we didn’t really have a winter down here. Fighting mosquitos and wasps ARE NOT FUN! I LOATHE GROCERY SHOPPING TOO!!!

  7. I’ve been putting of grocery shopping too. Sometimes I like it and then a phase change, I suddenly begin loathing it all.

    Major wines this week and every week: A superviser who constantly adds to my work when I am ready to publish what I have. That and update meetings *every two* days.

    Loves: finding cool crochet threads on Etsy, de stressing with doily making, *spicy* pho, making cottage cheese at home, discovering the benefits of couscous and quinoa, and exploring the city.

  8. Mmm… Chipotle… 🙂

    Wines: I have not been sleeping well this week. I think it’s mostly due to how warm it is in my condo. I get no cross-ventilation when I have the windows open, so it just doesn’t cool down much… but I really can’t complain about this weather, so I feel bad even mentioning the not sleeping so great thing!

    Love: I have plans to chat with Becky tonight after I finish studying. Can’t. Wait.

  9. I am with you on the knees thing- I always have to be careful with running too!

    I hate the grocery store too. Do you have grocery delivery near you? I was able to get 90 days free and after that it’s $6…it’s SO worth it- we save about $20 a week because it’s all planned out and we save over an hour because it saves your list so you just go in and pick what you need from your own list. We do it on Eric’s phone in the randomest places, sometimes in the car- saves a ton of time!

  10. I want to know how on earth you can go longer than a week before needing to go grocery shopping again with a Man Child (ha) and two growing kids in the house! Seriously. We are sometimes in desperate need to head to the store before our week is up! Also, The Voice? If the first season is out there somewhere, you should totally watch it. We fell in love with that show. I wish I could keep Adam Levine in one back pocket and Blake Shelton in the other. I love those guys.

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