The Weekend: Pedis, Pine & Presents

(I’m toying with making this a semi-permanent feature on my blog. If you want to see a few other similar entries you can go here and here. )

There are some weekends that begin at 5pm on a Friday, chock full of plans and yet you have no idea what to expect. This was one of those weekends.

It was a weekend that involved showing up only 30 minutes before the spa closed but convincing them to give you and your friend pedicures over which you discussed work, online dating, Christmas, trips to Mexico and the Sookie Stackhouse books. The conversation was furthered over a yumalicious dinner at Chevy’s and laughing about memories long past.

It was a weekend that came with an early-rise on Saturday morning so we (myself, Darling, Dad) could attend the Wreath-Making class that has become a holiday tradition for three years and counting. We wore Chri-Cheesy garland in our hair, sap on our hands, and Christmas songs on our lips as we made our own holiday wreaths. (You can view my wreath here. More on the class coming soon.) It was a weekend that found me getting hit on (flattering) with a bad pick-up line (“I wanted to smell the pine,”) and teaching me that I’m so not ready to be approached/flirted with/even think about flirting. It was a weekend that a Christmas ornament spoke to me: a heart, made out of recycled materials. Dad bought it for me.

It was a weekend full of delicious fried chicken from a local StL restaurant that has become part of the wreath-making tradition. Of strangers asking us if we are in a club as we failed to remove the Chri-Cheesy garland from our hair. Of running into people from our past.

It was a weekend of baking S’More brownies, trolling the Target aisles for my favorite things gift bag for the party hosted by the always lovely Jen where I got to hang out with Liz and making new friends. Of deer dashing out into the road in front of me. Of sharing past dating stories with a captive audience of married women; I dare say I felt a bit like Carrie Bradshaw, just for a moment, while telling those stories.

It was a weekend of intense rain and thunderstorms spent by a fire, of naps in the afternoon, of delicious leftovers and family moments. It was a weekend of sharing text messages with my cousins Gummie and Van that made me laugh, smile and wish with all my heart that we lived closer to one another.

It was a weekend of getting 95% of my Christmas shopping done without any major run-ins with crowds, looking at Christmas lights (even the unexpected ones), eating more Mexican food (I can’t get enough), and prolonging the weekend as long as possible by watching a Muppet Christmas Carol, writing more holiday cards, and looking through old photo albums of Christmases past, missing loved ones no longer with us and looking forward to making new memories.

It was a weekend of surprising myself with my own strength. Of being caught off guard when tears pricked my eyes for no apparent reason. Of loving the things I received in my “favorite things,” basket. Of not thinking about work, not even once. Of being surrounded by love, family and friends. Of wearing slouchy boots for the first time and loving them. Of being me, perhaps for the first time in awhile.

20 thoughts on “The Weekend: Pedis, Pine & Presents

  1. I adore these posts. Sometimes I find myself with tears in my eyes, more so at this time of the year than any other. I think it has to do with the holiday, missing loved ones no longer with us, and perhaps maybe the ghost of Christmas past. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Nora.

  2. I love Muppet Christmas Carol! And I also loved the things in my favorite things bag. I’m always happy when I get to hang out with my three besties all in one place.

  3. Your weekend sounds like it was absolutely amazing! I am so happy that it was relaxing and productive and a good for you kind of weekend. You deserve it!

  4. You know how anti-Twitter I am. And here I was, ready to leap off with a flying start by, wait for it, VISITING the Twitter website to see your picture. Only to be Twi-blocked because you protect your posts. Wah!

    Otherwise, this was a truly lovely post. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  5. I love these weekend posts of yours – one of them inspired my long-distance relationship post last week. You should definitely make them a regular feature.

    I love that you go to a wreath-making class with your parents every year. That is such a sweet tradition.

    I need a pedicure. Badly. Perhaps I can talk my spa-loving mom to take me along while I’m home this month! She gets pedicures every five weeks. Makes me jealous! Haha

  6. I feel like I start every entry with “I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU BECAUSE__________” but it’s the truth lady.

    I love your wreath! It’s so much fun, I wish we could go to these classes together, but I love all the homeyness- in the actual comfiness of being at home and of your being comfy and happy in yourself.

    And your talk of holiday cards have inspired me to grab last minute cards and send them out to much bloggy friends, so expect something in the main in the next few weeks.

  7. You’re wreath is so pretty! I’m glad you had a good weekend, despite the tears. Unless they were happy tears from realizing how loved you are. And yes, you are strong.

  8. What a lovely weekend. That is so sweet that your dad bought you a heart ornament. I love dads. (in a non creepy way)

    You are doing amazingly well, my dear. I am so proud of you!

    Ok, I seriously need to set some money aside so I can come to StL and eat Mexican food with you! That is my favorite cuisine and I NEVER get sick of it!!!

  9. Your weekend sounds amazing. And believe me those sudden tears and sadness will pass, I promise. Having amazing family and friends around you like that, it’s such a motivation.:)

    Ps. Pedis then good dinner? I want one of those these days. Preferablt throw full body massage into the mix :p

  10. Oh wow!!! Sounds like such a fun weekend 🙂 If someone asked me if he could “smell the pine” I would’ve burst out laughing 🙂

    And I’m with Nilsa!!! Although I still went to Twitter and it’s a very lovely wreath indeed 🙂

  11. I love your weekend posts! I would definitely recommend making it a feature on your blog. Seriously, you always recall your weekends with such pleasure, it’s fun to read 🙂

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