Hi, my name is Nora

It seems like it has been ages, but the internet is just a few decades old. About 20 years ago, people still had diaries to record their thoughts, experiences, and desires. During that time, there were weekly or monthly newspapers where people could publish their stories. It was also the perfect place to find what was trending and what people thought of the culture. Then the internet came.

When the internet came, life was disrupted. Diaries became a thing of the past as people spent more time browsing websites and social media pages. Today, your social media page is like your diary. But one problem is that everybody can access it. So, what should you do? This sounds like a very confusing thing. If you walk with Nora and read all my blogs, you will understand what you should do.

Walk with Me and EXPLORE THE WORLD

This is where I share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If you want to seek inspiration on how to keep your diary, please continue reading my blog.


I am a keen follower of our political processes. Although I am independent, I’ll be posting my thoughts about the various candidates vying for various offices in the country.


I’ve always been an avid traveler, and I intend to continue doing that until the last day of my life.


I am also into the latest cultural events. The Coronavirus has put many events to a halt. People can’t even go out to celebrate Valentine or Christmas.


I’m a natural sports fan. There is nothing that I can’t comment on in sports, from basketball to soccer and mountaineering.



I started keeping my first diary when I was five years old. In the diary, I recorded the many things that happened to me during my childhood. I also kept my deepest thoughts, worries, and desires in this diary. I continued updating my diary until I became an adult. However, that is when the internet started to infiltrate my life.

I joined other people on online forums. My diary-keeping efforts fell behind, and I became disorganized. Now, as a parent of three children, there’s a lot that I can teach my children. While I don’t want them to go back to physical diaries, I still want them to be organized. That is why I’ve been encouraging them to keep an online diary.

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